A Personal Update, Part 2

The good news: Yay! I got my stitches out yesterday.

The bad news: I still have no feeling in my fingers and go in for nerve reconstruction surgery on Thursday.

I really want to say thank you to everyone who’s been so super nice and supportive, you guys are amazing and I really appreciate all the e-mails and the comments in support. I am attempting to do some final exams before my surgery, but I do have a whole day tomorrow – so maybe I’ll toss some posts up. I can’t promise I’ll go through the effort of linking them immediately, but they’d be something new for everyone to see.

That’s what matters, right? ;)

So, we’ll see what I can do. I really and truly do appreciate all the wonderful support you guys have shared, you’re so awesome. I really hope to be back to 100% – or as close to it as possible – soon.

Take care all,


A (Relevant) Blog Update and Personal Update (Weird)

I don’t post much about my personal life on here, but as this is relevant right now…


Meet my hand.

I managed to cut my ring finger and pinkie finger (that part was surprising), very to-the-bone badly and all in one fell swoop. I’m not sure how the back of a knife blade was sharp enough to cut my pinkie so badly, but of course, if anyone can manage it, I can. The result has been six stitches in my ring finger, five in the pinkie. I made it 29 years successfully avoiding stitches. Sigh.

The good part is (if there is one) that I can still make transmogs on MogIt, as scrolling my mouse wheel doesn’t involve either of those fingers. The bad part is that it’s very hard to type and so posting them will have to wait until after June 23, when I get my stitches out.

I have ~75 to post already, including pirate ones for every class type and Esmeralda, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, and Tiana for the Princesses set. Also non-themed ones, of course.

Blah. So, until these come out… probably no new posts, though I may continue to do updates to older ones (less effort and all). If I do post, it will probably be the ones with current elite pvp gear rewards, since those will be going away soon.

Take care!

The Future of Alex

So, the PTR data is coming up on Wowhead, and some items of particular interest to me are very, very cloth and warlock friendly – such as this helm, these shoulders, this belt, and OMG this staff.

Beautiful, and very fel green.

This whole bit of information came up on the MMO-Champion forums a few days ago (before it made it to the front page), and in that thread someone put these items together with the Shroud of Lore’nial… and I have found a new transmog scavenger hunt for Alex. Of course, my own transmogs are slightly different than the particular one I saw, because of my own preferences, but putting it together with that shroud was/is gorgeous.




Level Required: 100

For anyone interested in the item list – here we go.

I had a cloak with this, but it’s kind of hit or miss for me, depending on my mood. Nevertheless:

  • Windswept Wanderer’s Drape (Currently listed as dropping in Hellfire Citadel, from Gurtogg Bloodboil, Blademaster Jubei’thos, and Dia Darkwhisper)

I’ll have a lot of work to do…

Upcoming Changes and Improvements

Hey, all :)

I am always so thrilled when I see people visiting the website and looking at the transmogs. It gives me such energy and enthusiasm to know other people enjoy the work as well. With that, I have some announcements/information to give.

I am currently undergoing some medical treatments and testing – some of which will involve me shacking up in a bed for extended periods of time! This equals a lot of free time, and I plan to implement a good deal of it with this blog! /cheer

While I’m hopped up on bedrest, I’ll be working on and developing new transmogs, with a big focus on equaling out some of the amounts of transmogs per set available. With these new outfits, I’ll be having a bit of fun and doing some new themed collections on here as well.

Also, I’m adding in item links and drop locations to the sets currently posted – you can look at an example of what I’m doing here or here. While I’m doing this, I’m also cleaning up some unused tags and adding in more categories for search options.

While I’m working on the item lists, too, I’m going to add in some “new” transmogs – those with different weapons to some of the outfits on here – and posting a page of all my favorite items I use in transmogging.

I’m running through the blog list I had on here previously, and I’ll be posting that up again soon – and also, possibly dedicating a section to amazing transmogs I’ve found elsewhere. [Depends on the time I’ve got!]

I just wanted to dash off this quick post for if anyone does notice some changes around the site and is wondering what it is going on – this is roundabout it for a while, but is quite the work in progress!

Scorpids Are Heavy

This set is a strict Leatherworking set, and fairly generic, I must admit. Still, it looks awesome.

Scorpid2 Scorpid1

Level Required: 70

Items used:

Ornate and Detailed

The Ornate set is one a lot of people seem to like, and I’m no different. There are a lot of ways to take this set, but this one is my favorite in particular. It’s based off one I stumbled across on BeautiWOW- though I prefer drops to some crafted items, especially when they don’t involve rare mobs.

Ornate2 Ornate1

It uses one bit of Tailoring, but otherwise shouldn’t be too difficult.

Level Required: 90

Items used:

Purple Everywhere

While browsing through old transmogs I need to post, there was the very purple mail mog and now, here’s a very purple leather mog.

PurpleRogue2 PurpleRogue

Apparently I was in a purple phase.

Level Required: 85

Items used:

Purple is for Royalty

This one was called “Purple WIP” on my MogIt list… and boy, it is purple.

PurpleHunterGun1 PurpleHunterGun2

See? I told you.

So this set has a lot of Leatherworking aspects to it, and one Blacksmithing aspect to it. Basically, it’s a profession transmog, save for a couple of items.

Level Required: 90

Items used:

Pretty Pretty Plate

Some parts of this particular transmog drop from Raid Finder Mists of Pandaria raids – great incentive for when Raid Finder is open again for soloing!

PrettyPlate PrettyPlate2

Level Required: 90

Items used:

  • Shoulderpads of Misshapen Life (Drops in Raid Finder Heart of Fear, from Amber-Shaper Un’sok)
  • Light-Bound Chestguard (Quest reward from There Exists No Honor Among Birds in the Howling Fjord [Alliance Only]) (Quest reward from Warning: Some Assembly Required in the Howling Fjord [Horde Only])
  • Shockstriker Gauntlets (Drops in Siege of Orgrimmar, from Sun Tenderheart, He Softfoot, and Rook Stonetoe)
  • Poisonbinder Girth (Drops in Siege of Orgrimmar, from Sun Tenderheart, He Softfoot, and Rook Stonetoe)
  • Munificent Legguards (Quest reward from Lightning Infused Relics in the Howling Fjord [Alliance Only]) (Quest reward from Parts for the Job in the Howling Fjord [Horde Only]
  • Greaves of the Stonewarder (Drops in Normal 25-Man Ulduar, from Trash Mobs)
  • Ook’s Hozen Slicer (Drops in Heroic Stormstout Brewery, from Ook-Ook)
  • Visage of the Doomed (Drops in Raid Finder Throne of Thunder, from Trash Mobs)

In Which I Talk About an Invisible Staff

Wait, what?

One of my new favorite items is the Gas-Powered Stick. It is worth every bit of the 1,000 gold cost and was an early find for me in Warlords of Draenor – at least in regards to transmogging.

It is a transmoggable staff [even though it’s white quality], and it is invisible when sheathedSo, for a caster (which, with Alex as a warlock and Lana as a shadow priest, I run ’round with all the time) – you can hide your weapon entirely.

I’ll repeat it one more time, because it’s just so awesome to say:

You can hide your weapon [staff] entirely.

Once you transmog your current staff to the Gas-Powered Stick, your staff keeps the feature of being invisible when sheathed. And since casters never melee with their staves – you don’t see those staves anymore. Ta-da!

So now you can prance around in those amazing outfits that a staff might otherwise ruin – or you can prance around in your outfits where you just haven’t been able to get that elusive staff drop that matches the outfit.

There are other staves that match the model of the Gas-Powered Stick, but those do not become invisible when sheathed – so don’t waste your time and/or gold if you want an invisible staff without the 1k gold price. The Gas-Powered Stick is currently the only staff in game that is invisible when sheathed and is transmoggable to other staves.

You pick this staff up at Guh, in Frostfire Ridge – the coords for him are 37.4, 60.2 . He’s friendly for both Horde and Alliance. You talk to him, and he’s a bit pissy you knocked off all his friends. But if you bribe him to visit your Garrison, he’ll show up periodically and that’s when you can buy the staff from him.

Cheers, and happy transmogging!

Feathers and Frills

This is a pretty blue and brown hunter only set – due to the PVP pieces. It’ll take some bouncing around between quests, dungeons, Baradin Hold raids, and crafting, but it’s worth it (IMO)!

IronfeatherB1 IronfeatherB2

Level Required: 85

Items used:

Furiously Green

A couple pieces from a PVP set mixed with some PVE and Crafted sets = a pretty green set! Because of the PVP pieces, this set is for hunters only.

Green Green2

Level Required: 90

Items used:

Sparkly Bits

This is a pretty light green set that I really enjoyed on my hunter. It’s unfortunate that these shoulders were part of raid finder, but at least we’ll be able to solo raid finder soon! This set works for both shamans and hunters.

GrayGreen2 GrayGreen1

Level Required: 90

Items used:

Because the Glacial Set is Now Incomplete

My husband asked me for this one.

He really enjoys a frost mage, and wanted something that incorporated the Glacial set that used to be a more full set, but as of now – only the robe and slippers are available.

So, here was my shot at this. (I liked the way it turned out. He liked the way it turns out. Hopefully, others do too!)

[This set is – probably fittingly – limited to mages only, because of the shoulders. I’ll work on that, see if there’s another option now that WOD is out – one that looks good. I have some ideas in mind already, mostly because I love dressing my warlock in non-warlock gear.]

Glacial1 Glacial2

Level Required: 90

Items used:

We’ll Go with Purple Fire. Sure.

This set – available to rogues, monks, and druids – comes out of Firelands. And…it’s purple.

That works!

FirelandsSwords1 FirelandsSwords2

Level Required: 85

You’ll notice this set comes almost completely out of Firelands. Rogues have an advantage here – this set looks like their tier set, so they don’t necessarily have to farm the off-sets specifically.

Items used: