It’s a first post!

Hi all!

I’m Alex (Alexandrina). Well – that’s my character, anyway.

Alex is a destruction warlock on the Perenolde server, and she’s been my baby since Burning Crusade. I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since the Vanilla release, but lost my first account when an ex of mine deleted it out of revenge! It all worked out though, since I moved to Perenolde following that situation – and ended up meeting my husband there. (One, two, three – awwwwwwwww.)

Even though Alex is my primary character, I do have several alts –

  • Lanalia, my Draenei-turned Blood Elf-turned(/turning) Draenei again Shadow Priest
  • Averiana, my Blood Elf hunter
  • Alexyia, my Resto Druid
  • Crystallina, an up-and-coming warrior (replacing my original warrior from my 1st account finally!)

* I also have Meiana, a Resto Shaman; and Valiana, an Arcane Mage – but I have much less interest in playing them than I do transmogging them. Which brings us to the point of this blog – transmog.

I left WoW in Cataclysm – totally burned out after years of raiding and questing. It was my first break from WoW, and it was a long one, too. Transmog is what brought me back! I’ve had so much fun finding – and sometimes designing – outfits, and I figure it’s time to try and join in the blogging world as it relates to transmog!

Most of my transmogs – at first, anyway – will be warlock-based, just because she’s the one I currently have the most stuff on! But there are so many beautiful warrior transmogs and priest transmogs that I can’t wait to explore those as well – maybe even track down some leather, as well!

I hope to start posting sets tomorrow – it’s nice to get this whole blog started!



  1. Welcome aboard!! I’m sure that you’ll have fun putting those sets together and showing them off too. It’s always fun to see the different outfits that people are putting together these days.


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