The Requests Post

Tonight was going to be a rather boring introductory night, one where I post images of all the tier transmogs and make everyone think I’m dreadfully boring. As I started to upload the images, however,  I realized they were much smaller than anticipated and that I need to figure out a bit of coding to get them to a decent size within the blog itself.

Instead, let’s talk about requests. As of right now, there is no proof at all that I’m even halfway decent at transmogging! At the moment, I’m just someone who is too tired to figure out coding to post even the most boring of pictures. But let’s talk about requests anyway.

Will I take them? Yes. However – I make no promises as to the amount of requests I can do. I use MogIt to make my transmogs, which means I have to be on a computer with WoW installed and I have to not be raiding or leveling a character of mine at the time! (This makes me sound much busier than I actually am.)

Still interested in requesting a transmog? Click here.

I look forward to boring everyone with genetic tier sets tomorrow – though I may throw in a few non-tier sets for good measure!


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