Blue and Gold

This warrior transmog has a couple of different options with it that I like. I found such pretty gold shoulders I wanted to use, so did some tweaking with this transmog – but then I found that using blue-based shoulders made the whole transmog feel different, and I liked that as well.

* This set began as a DK-only set, so the invisible Acherus Knight’s Girdle is pictured. For everyone else, a great belt for this set is the Triad Girdle. Perfect color match and not too bulky. The Triad Girdle is available to all plate wearers.

BlueGoldWarriorB BlueGoldWarriorB2

Level Required: 90

Items used:

Then, here’s the set with the pretty gold shoulders!

BlueGoldWarrior BlueGoldWarrior2

These shoulders are the Swiftsteel Shoulders (Created from Blacksmithing [BOP]).



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