A Heart for the Void

This is the last of the tier posts for a while – by combining them into multiples, I’ve managed to knock out a few in just two posts. This one, however, I thought I’d give it’s own thread. Not because it’s necessarily my favorite (it isn’t, though it’s not a bad looking set), but because I had fun with weapons again! So scroll down to check out the Voidheart set, complete with a few weapon options to go along with it!

Voidheart 2

(Warlock only!)

Level Required: 87

Items used:


Voidheart 3

  • Quel’Delar, Cunning of the Shadows (Quest reward from A Victory For The Silver Covenant in Icecrown [Alliance Only]) (Quest reward from A Victory For The Sunreavers in Icecrown [Horde Only])

Voidheart 4

  • Sword of Decay (Drops in Razorfen Kraul from Razorfen Beast Stalker) (BOE Drop)


  • Hatestrike (Drops in Normal 10-Man Naxxramas from Patchwerk and Gluth)

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