Blindfolds and Dragons and Teeth, Oh My!

The following set is a slight twist on the Rogue’s Challenge Conquerer – Gold set. I doubt I will ever achieve this goal as my rogue is still in her 40’s, but I like this a lot and thought I’d post it anyway!



This is a Rogue only set (as indicated above).

Level Required: 90

Items used:

On my MogIt, I did end up removing the shirt. I’ll post a picture of that version down below as well later!


  1. Officially in love, this is a great set. I would love to have this on a rogue but since my one is only about 60, I doubt I’ll ever get it either but still beautiful.


    1. Thanks! I posted this and then realized I took off the shirt on my MogIt – so I’ll have to post a slightly different shot today and track down that particular shirt again so I can list it! I didn’t realize that part until this morning, oops! 🙂


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