Dedication takes so many forms!

I am proud to announce that the transmog posts I did today were done in a McDonalds.

I bought a Diet Coke and stole their WiFi while waiting on Costco to put new tires on my car. The benefit to really buckling down and posting transmogs every day? My backlog is clearing up more and more! All my transmogs from April – May are now posted. Now it’s tackling the dozens from June that lies ahead – along with finishing the weapon posts and doing sets with Robes of the Triumvirate.

So yes, anyway – dedication! It pays off – and it did today. (And no, I’m not just talking about the transmog postings.)

I am talking about my two new mounts! Rivendare’s Deathcharger took 7 days to complete (give or take a little). Once they increased the instance queues to 10 per hour, I committed to doing 10 Stratholme runs a day for this mount. 68 kills later, here it is!

Rivendare Rivendare2


It was very quickly followed by 6 other new mounts – the Netherwing drakes.


Netherwing3   Netherwing4   Netherwing2

These mounts took a bit of a long time, because eggs on my server disappear rapidly. Still, thanks to a generous Netherspite every week + the dailies, it wasn’t as long as it could have been.

More transmogs to follow tomorrow – including the transmog I’m currently wearing, which is an absolute favorite of mine! I just thought I’d take an entry out to cheer a bit!


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