This was one of my first warlock transmogs that I made, and in spite of its simplicity (or perhaps because of it) – I still find it really beautiful in a dark, gothic kind of way. It’s a basic cloth set that can be used by mages and priests as well.  (I also wonder how it would look with darker hair – maybe I’ll play with it next time I equip this set.) The staff is Alliance only – though if you do faction transfer to Horde (like me), you do stll get to keep it.

Black Velvet Robes

Black Velvet Robes 2

It’s also worth mentioning that this particular staff is one of the most beautiful in game (IMO). Admittedly, I have a thing for roses and I think the way the stems are interwoven through a skull is amazing – but the falling rose petals work well too. There is a red version of the staff that is Worgen only, and also a yellow version made via Inscription. The red staff does go quite nicely with this set, if you’re a Worgen.

Level Required: 90

Items used:



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