The Charmed Cierge

As I’ve mentioned a few times now, this staff is my most favorite in the entire game. It seems to have a stupidly low drop rate – Wowhead lists it as .75%, and other estimations are similar. Because it’s one of the most unique models I’ve seen in game, and is extraordinarily pretty (IMO), I took the time….the lengthy time… to farm this piece. And similarly, I’ve designed a fair few outfits around it, two of which you’ve already seen. (More of which will be posted in time.)

But as for close-ups on this staff, I thought I’d make a separate entry – even if I’m the only one looking at it. (It’s just so pretty!) And even though I took these photos pre-enchant on my transmog weapon, Jade Spirit actually complements the flames on this staff very, very nicely. (BONUS.)

Enjoy the photos. I know I will come back and do so!







      1. I’m actually thinking my warlock should put this on her wish list and try for it. I have never seen it before but I think it would go with a ton of transmogs. Thanks for showing it 🙂


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