All Colored Out!

Colorations week has officially wrapped up, and I’m so happy so many people visited and checked everything out! There were ~37 transmogs featured throughout the week and at one point we had so many visitors it set off my phone! (That was weird. Nice, but weird!)

If you missed any of the transmogs and want to catch up, the full collection is here, and of course all the transmogs are posted on each of the proper pages in the Wardrobe as well.

I’m going to work on featuring more leather, mail, and plate transmogs until it’s all balanced out a little bit more with the current and overwhelming amount of cloth transmogs I have. That said, I do have a couple requests in the queue that are cloth, and I’m sure I’ll still make them, so cloth won’t be totally neglected!

As always, feedback on outfits is wonderful and fully appreciated!

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