Because the Glacial Set is Now Incomplete

My husband asked me for this one.

He really enjoys a frost mage, and wanted something that incorporated the Glacial set that used to be a more full set, but as of now – only the robe and slippers are available.

So, here was my shot at this. (I liked the way it turned out. He liked the way it turns out. Hopefully, others do too!)

[This set is – probably fittingly – limited to mages only, because of the shoulders. I’ll work on that, see if there’s another option now that WOD is out – one that looks good. I have some ideas in mind already, mostly because I love dressing my warlock in non-warlock gear.]

Glacial1 Glacial2

Level Required: 90

Items used:



  1. You’ve posted lots of nice sets recently, but I particularly like this one!

    My Priest is kind of the same way as your Mage — she has enough dresses lying around that I could change her Mog every week and not run out for over a year 😛


    1. Yeah – Alex has so many outfits. But I care a lot less on my priest – maybe ’cause she’s shadow. I think Lana’s only going to end up with 10 – 20, if that. But Alex’s wardrobe is out of control!


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