I Got 99 Problems but Transmogging Ain’t One

It’s been WAY TOO LONG, am I right?

TL;DR version: Lot of stuff going on with my health – more than I expected – so even though I’ve been transmogging – I haven’t been posting.

This morning, though, I have time to kill – so throwing posts on here now – and as there’s a new expansion, expect to see a lot more posts here! New expansions = new options, which is always great for a transmog specialist.

What I’ve been focusing on: My main, Alex. She now has an outfit for every single week of the year- and then some. So that whole collection (cloth) will be going up soon as well – so you’ll notice some duplicates, for sure, but hey – it’s part of her wardrobe, so it’s okay in my book. 😉


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