The Future of Alex

So, the PTR data is coming up on Wowhead, and some items of particular interest to me are very, very cloth and warlock friendly – such as this helm, these shoulders, this belt, and OMG this staff.

Beautiful, and very fel green.

This whole bit of information came up on the MMO-Champion forums a few days ago (before it made it to the front page), and in that thread someone put these items together with the Shroud of Lore’nial… and I have found a new transmog scavenger hunt for Alex. Of course, my own transmogs are slightly different than the particular one I saw, because of my own preferences, but putting it together with that shroud was/is gorgeous.




Level Required: 100

For anyone interested in the item list – here we go.

I had a cloak with this, but it’s kind of hit or miss for me, depending on my mood. Nevertheless:

  • Windswept Wanderer’s Drape (Currently listed as dropping in Hellfire Citadel, from Gurtogg Bloodboil, Blademaster Jubei’thos, and Dia Darkwhisper)

I’ll have a lot of work to do…


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