A Personal Update, Part 2

The good news: Yay! I got my stitches out yesterday.

The bad news: I still have no feeling in my fingers and go in for nerve reconstruction surgery on Thursday.

I really want to say thank you to everyone who’s been so super nice and supportive, you guys are amazing and I really appreciate all the e-mails and the comments in support. I am attempting to do some final exams before my surgery, but I do have a whole day tomorrow – so maybe I’ll toss some posts up. I can’t promise I’ll go through the effort of linking them immediately, but they’d be something new for everyone to see.

That’s what matters, right? 😉

So, we’ll see what I can do. I really and truly do appreciate all the wonderful support you guys have shared, you’re so awesome. I really hope to be back to 100% – or as close to it as possible – soon.

Take care all,




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