Catching Up, But Lacking

Hi lovelies ❤ I have really been posting a lot lately, and it’s not going to slow down any time soon. I haven’t been sorting the transmogs into the pages here, on this WordPress yet. I am hoping to get all caught up (doubtful), but then take a few hours to do the kind of sorting I want.

If you do want a little more organization, I have been sorting over on the Facebook page, because it is just so easy to drag-and-drop the photos in their respective albums.

There are albums for “All Cloth Wearers” “All Leather Wearers” “All Mail Wearers” “All Plate Wearers”, and there are class-specific albums as well (Warlock Only, Hunter Only, Mage Only, etc), and each of the collections has their own album (Each colorations section, the ninja collection, pirate collection, dress collections, etc.)

This isn’t to say I won’t be organizing all the updates here – I absolutely will! But for those seeking more organization right away, it will be on the Facebook page until I can catch everything up.

(And, if you need the Facebook page link again, click here.)

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