Overwhelming Cloth

I do know there’s an overwhelming flood of cloth and themed transmogs. ‚̧ I do. These are all the images I cropped first, so that’s why they’re all being posted first. There are ~200 leather/mail/plate transmogs I’ll be posting after I catch up on this flood, so it’ll definitely become more diverse.

I just wanted to mention this, in case anyone was frustrated by the overwhelming warlock/cloth photos.


Upcoming Changes and Improvements

Hey, all ūüôā

I am always so thrilled when I see people visiting the website and looking at the transmogs. It gives me such energy and enthusiasm to know other people enjoy the work as well. With that, I have some announcements/information to give.

I am currently undergoing some medical treatments and testing Рsome of which will involve me shacking up in a bed for extended periods of time! This equals a lot of free time, and I plan to implement a good deal of it with this blog! /cheer

While I’m hopped up on bedrest, I’ll be working on and developing new transmogs, with a big focus on equaling out some of the amounts of transmogs per set available. With these new outfits, I’ll be having a bit of fun and doing some new themed collections on here as well.

Also,¬†I’m adding in item links and drop locations to the sets currently posted – you can look at an example of what I’m doing here or here. While I’m doing this, I’m also cleaning up some unused tags and adding in more categories for search options.

While I’m working on the item lists, too, I’m going to add in some “new” transmogs – those with different weapons to some of the outfits on here – and posting a page of all my favorite items I use in transmogging.

I’m running through the blog list I had on here previously, and I’ll be posting that up again soon – and also, possibly dedicating a section to amazing transmogs I’ve found elsewhere. [Depends on the time I’ve got!]

I just wanted to dash off this quick post for if anyone does notice some changes around the site and is wondering what it is going on – this is roundabout it for a while, but is quite the work in progress!

Coloring the Week!

In a new update, I spent this past weekend finalizing the Colorations posts! Every day this week I will make (at least) 4 posts (one for cloth, one for leather, one for mail, and one for plate) featuring a color. The schedule is below:

Monday: Red

Tuesday: Orange

Wednesday: Yellow (Yellow)

Thursday: Green

Friday: Blue and Purple (4 each)

Saturday: Black/Grey and White (4 each)

Sunday: Brown

Some of the posts will be class-specific, but most will be useable by everyone who uses that particular armor type. So keep and eye out for the red posts coming out tonight! They’ll be posted as new entries as well having an entry on the Colorations page that will be up under the Collections link.