It’s a Blog Post!

Catching Fire…or Rather, Up!

All the newest transmogs have been sorted, and all the extraneous updating is done!

  • The (new) class transmogs are sorted
  • The (new) armor type transmogs are sorted
  • The princess collection page is updated
  • The pirate collection page is updated
  • The dress collection page is updated
  • The full transmog count on the sidebar has been updated
  • Of course, the Facebook page remains updated!
  • A new Marvel Cinematic Universe collection page has been added!

Soon, I’ll add in a Ninja collection page, and continue to post new transmogs! Anyway, enjoy the updates 😉

Catching Up, But Lacking

Hi lovelies ❤ I have really been posting a lot lately, and it’s not going to slow down any time soon. I haven’t been sorting the transmogs into the pages here, on this WordPress yet. I am hoping to get all caught up (doubtful), but then take a few hours to do the kind of sorting I want.

If you do want a little more organization, I have been sorting over on the Facebook page, because it is just so easy to drag-and-drop the photos in their respective albums.

There are albums for “All Cloth Wearers” “All Leather Wearers” “All Mail Wearers” “All Plate Wearers”, and there are class-specific albums as well (Warlock Only, Hunter Only, Mage Only, etc), and each of the collections has their own album (Each colorations section, the ninja collection, pirate collection, dress collections, etc.)

This isn’t to say I won’t be organizing all the updates here – I absolutely will! But for those seeking more organization right away, it will be on the Facebook page until I can catch everything up.

(And, if you need the Facebook page link again, click here.)

Overwhelming Cloth

I do know there’s an overwhelming flood of cloth and themed transmogs. ❤ I do. These are all the images I cropped first, so that’s why they’re all being posted first. There are ~200 leather/mail/plate transmogs I’ll be posting after I catch up on this flood, so it’ll definitely become more diverse.

I just wanted to mention this, in case anyone was frustrated by the overwhelming warlock/cloth photos.


Let’s Talk ALL The Updates

Hi lovelies! ❤

It seems that it will be a very long time before I regain not only feeling, but full use of my ring and pinkie finger on my right hand. In better news, I’ve learned how to type like this, and how to play once more despite both of those fingers being curled inward when they aren’t in my splint. It’s still a bit shocking to me how this all came about, but it’s fine now, I’m getting more used to it. It will be a long road of physical therapy. And that’s okay. They weren’t able to fully reconnect my nerves in surgery, so I still have no feeling. But they did put a stent (or something) in, and it’s a hope that I’ll regain feeling in a year – but there’s a chance I never will. Oh well.

In regards to this blog, and transmogs – I have so, so many transmogs I am going to start posting. I’ll go ahead and forewarn anyone reading this that there is a lot of cloth – but there are also leather/mail/plate transmogs too. (It will still be a lot of cloth, though!) There are at least 100 transmogs I’ve made. Possibly more, and definitely more to come.

You may have noticed in the downtime I added links to every single entry – they all link to their respective Wowhead pages, and I went ahead and also typed out how to get each of the pieces. And a “level required” addition as well. I won’t lie – it was pretty tedious work, but I’m glad I did it. (It took SO LONG. Holy crap.) All the additional entries will be formatted in the same way. Also, I added galleries to all of the collections – plus a section for class-specific transmogs. So, even though I’ve been quiet, I’ve still been busy!

AND FINALLY (so many updates!) I created a Facebook page for this blog at the request of a few friends! The transmogs are sorted into various albums, and it will be updated as this blog is updated. ❤ If you want an easier way to keep track of the updates and things, that’s one way to go.

TLDR Version:

  • Every transmog has a “Level Required” label
  • Every transmog item links back to its Wowhead page and has the requirements written out beside them
  • There are now photo galleries!
  • There is now a section dedicated to class-specific transmogs
  • There will be a ridiculous amount of transmog entries incoming. (Apologies for the flood in advance!)

So – I think that’s everything. ❤ Take care everyone, and I hope you like the incoming transmogs! (They were fun!)

A Personal Update, Part 2

The good news: Yay! I got my stitches out yesterday.

The bad news: I still have no feeling in my fingers and go in for nerve reconstruction surgery on Thursday.

I really want to say thank you to everyone who’s been so super nice and supportive, you guys are amazing and I really appreciate all the e-mails and the comments in support. I am attempting to do some final exams before my surgery, but I do have a whole day tomorrow – so maybe I’ll toss some posts up. I can’t promise I’ll go through the effort of linking them immediately, but they’d be something new for everyone to see.

That’s what matters, right? 😉

So, we’ll see what I can do. I really and truly do appreciate all the wonderful support you guys have shared, you’re so awesome. I really hope to be back to 100% – or as close to it as possible – soon.

Take care all,


A (Relevant) Blog Update and Personal Update (Weird)

I don’t post much about my personal life on here, but as this is relevant right now…


Meet my hand.

I managed to cut my ring finger and pinkie finger (that part was surprising), very to-the-bone badly and all in one fell swoop. I’m not sure how the back of a knife blade was sharp enough to cut my pinkie so badly, but of course, if anyone can manage it, I can. The result has been six stitches in my ring finger, five in the pinkie. I made it 29 years successfully avoiding stitches. Sigh.

The good part is (if there is one) that I can still make transmogs on MogIt, as scrolling my mouse wheel doesn’t involve either of those fingers. The bad part is that it’s very hard to type and so posting them will have to wait until after June 23, when I get my stitches out.

I have ~75 to post already, including pirate ones for every class type and Esmeralda, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, and Tiana for the Princesses set. Also non-themed ones, of course.

Blah. So, until these come out… probably no new posts, though I may continue to do updates to older ones (less effort and all). If I do post, it will probably be the ones with current elite pvp gear rewards, since those will be going away soon.

Take care!

Upcoming Changes and Improvements

Hey, all 🙂

I am always so thrilled when I see people visiting the website and looking at the transmogs. It gives me such energy and enthusiasm to know other people enjoy the work as well. With that, I have some announcements/information to give.

I am currently undergoing some medical treatments and testing – some of which will involve me shacking up in a bed for extended periods of time! This equals a lot of free time, and I plan to implement a good deal of it with this blog! /cheer

While I’m hopped up on bedrest, I’ll be working on and developing new transmogs, with a big focus on equaling out some of the amounts of transmogs per set available. With these new outfits, I’ll be having a bit of fun and doing some new themed collections on here as well.

Also, I’m adding in item links and drop locations to the sets currently posted – you can look at an example of what I’m doing here or here. While I’m doing this, I’m also cleaning up some unused tags and adding in more categories for search options.

While I’m working on the item lists, too, I’m going to add in some “new” transmogs – those with different weapons to some of the outfits on here – and posting a page of all my favorite items I use in transmogging.

I’m running through the blog list I had on here previously, and I’ll be posting that up again soon – and also, possibly dedicating a section to amazing transmogs I’ve found elsewhere. [Depends on the time I’ve got!]

I just wanted to dash off this quick post for if anyone does notice some changes around the site and is wondering what it is going on – this is roundabout it for a while, but is quite the work in progress!

I Got 99 Problems but Transmogging Ain’t One

It’s been WAY TOO LONG, am I right?

TL;DR version: Lot of stuff going on with my health – more than I expected – so even though I’ve been transmogging – I haven’t been posting.

This morning, though, I have time to kill – so throwing posts on here now – and as there’s a new expansion, expect to see a lot more posts here! New expansions = new options, which is always great for a transmog specialist.

What I’ve been focusing on: My main, Alex. She now has an outfit for every single week of the year- and then some. So that whole collection (cloth) will be going up soon as well – so you’ll notice some duplicates, for sure, but hey – it’s part of her wardrobe, so it’s okay in my book. 😉


All Colored Out!

Colorations week has officially wrapped up, and I’m so happy so many people visited and checked everything out! There were ~37 transmogs featured throughout the week and at one point we had so many visitors it set off my phone! (That was weird. Nice, but weird!)

If you missed any of the transmogs and want to catch up, the full collection is here, and of course all the transmogs are posted on each of the proper pages in the Wardrobe as well.

I’m going to work on featuring more leather, mail, and plate transmogs until it’s all balanced out a little bit more with the current and overwhelming amount of cloth transmogs I have. That said, I do have a couple requests in the queue that are cloth, and I’m sure I’ll still make them, so cloth won’t be totally neglected!

As always, feedback on outfits is wonderful and fully appreciated!

Coloring the Week!

In a new update, I spent this past weekend finalizing the Colorations posts! Every day this week I will make (at least) 4 posts (one for cloth, one for leather, one for mail, and one for plate) featuring a color. The schedule is below:

Monday: Red

Tuesday: Orange

Wednesday: Yellow (Yellow)

Thursday: Green

Friday: Blue and Purple (4 each)

Saturday: Black/Grey and White (4 each)

Sunday: Brown

Some of the posts will be class-specific, but most will be useable by everyone who uses that particular armor type. So keep and eye out for the red posts coming out tonight! They’ll be posted as new entries as well having an entry on the Colorations page that will be up under the Collections link.


Tentative Transmog Changes in Warlords

WoW Insider is now reporting some transmogging differences that have come up on the Alpha servers for Warlords of Draenor. None of these changes have been officially released, so take them with a grain of salt, but as of now –

Axes, Swords, and Maces can be transmogged to and from Polearms. Staves can also now be transmogged to Polearms and back. Just to simplify the options –


Axes <=> Polearms

Swords <=> Polearms

Staves <=> Polearms

Maces <=> Polearms


Right now it seems like the biggest beneficiaries to this are going to be warriors and druids – but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out to see about other possibilities opening up as well.

Oh, hello….hair?

I don’t have a lot of time to post the transmogs I’ve been working on this week – mostly because of work hours and appointments. (I’ve also been missing raids this week! /sadface. /kinda.) [Just kidding – I really do love the people I raid with.]

All I’ve really been able to take time to do is just read and post on various MMO-C forums for WoW.  And of course, I’ve seen the new human male models. Those human males.

Have you seen them?

Their newest features – from what I can see – include a lot of hair. A lot. Chest hair, arm hair, leg hair….and what is that ? Did they really give the human males at least part of a happy trail? Really?

I’m pretty sure the vast majority of men I’ve dated (you know – real human men) have had less hair than that. But really, Blizz? Was a just-the-tip (hah)-of-the-pubic-hair-line really necessary? Was it?

Oh, man.

Just…… man.

(I also noticed that the human female and night elf female models tend to sport a thong – but at least that can be explained away by some of the skimpier armor pieces.)

But, anyway – for those who do play the human males – happy trails to you!

Dedication takes so many forms!

I am proud to announce that the transmog posts I did today were done in a McDonalds.

I bought a Diet Coke and stole their WiFi while waiting on Costco to put new tires on my car. The benefit to really buckling down and posting transmogs every day? My backlog is clearing up more and more! All my transmogs from April – May are now posted. Now it’s tackling the dozens from June that lies ahead – along with finishing the weapon posts and doing sets with Robes of the Triumvirate.

So yes, anyway – dedication! It pays off – and it did today. (And no, I’m not just talking about the transmog postings.)

I am talking about my two new mounts! Rivendare’s Deathcharger took 7 days to complete (give or take a little). Once they increased the instance queues to 10 per hour, I committed to doing 10 Stratholme runs a day for this mount. 68 kills later, here it is!

Rivendare Rivendare2


It was very quickly followed by 6 other new mounts – the Netherwing drakes.


Netherwing3   Netherwing4   Netherwing2

These mounts took a bit of a long time, because eggs on my server disappear rapidly. Still, thanks to a generous Netherspite every week + the dailies, it wasn’t as long as it could have been.

More transmogs to follow tomorrow – including the transmog I’m currently wearing, which is an absolute favorite of mine! I just thought I’d take an entry out to cheer a bit!