Fierce and Ready

This is a pretty plate piece that can be worn by any plate wearer.

WoWScrnShot_061015_142746 (2)

WoWScrnShot_061015_142735 (2) WoWScrnShot_061015_142727 (2)

Level Required: 92

Items used:

Stone Soup…or Salt

This is a plate set based around the Saltstone Plate base! It can be worn by any plate wearer, and….it’s rather skimpy!

WoWScrnShot_071315_141338 (2) WoWScrnShot_071315_141343 (2)

I can’t say it’d be very useful in a real fight, that’s for sure. 😉

Level Required: 100

Items used:

We’re All Doomed

I didn’t really care for this set until I got the staff to go with it. It’s basically a full set (sorry!), but you guys HAVE TO SEE how well the staff goes with it. I was very fortunate to get this staff, since we only have 1 druid in our raid. 😉

WoWScrnShot_031715_203221 (2) WoWScrnShot_031715_203230 (2) WoWScrnShot_031715_203237 (2)

It’s so pretty.

Level Required: 100

Items used:

Is It Hannibal or Gul’dan?

This is a warlock set that is Horde Only…and reminds me more of Hannibal Lecter than I’m comfortable with.

WoWScrnShot_031715_203127 (2) WoWScrnShot_031715_203145 (2)

Level Required: 100

Items used:

No Hunter Wardrobe is Complete Without…

I’m not sure how I haven’t posted this one yet. It’s pretty much a full set, an “oldie but goodie” – that was a GIANT PAIN to get because of Razorgore.

Dragonstalker2 Dragonstalker1

See? An oldie but goodie. And it is one I particularly like on Draenei, though it also really works on a Blood Elf, if you’re into that sort of thing. 😉

Obviously, this is a hunter only set.

Level Required: 85

Items used:

I May be Feminine, But I’ll Still Kill You

Like the title says – a feminine take on a kickass rogue transmog. Touches of pink/purple here and there, while still retaining the I’m-going-to-kill-you look that all rogues do so well.

Deathmantle2 Deathmantle1

Because of the set pieces, this set is for rogues only.

Level Required: 70 

Items used:

50 Shades of Pink


This WAS a request – a pink transmog for Valentine’s Day. And…it is pink. And very “50 Shades” if you ask me. If your plate wearer ever gets in a legitimate battle… they will die. And I would love to see this on a male character. A male death knight character. Preferably a pandaren.

SlutPink2 SlutPink

Level Required: 70

Items used:

Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!

The Weirdest Texture Clothing…

I think I made the title pretty clear as to my feelings on this particular texture of clothing. It looks weird to me, different than all the other cloth robes and outfits I’ve put together. This looks very….firm.

Nevertheless, it still looks pretty neat when I got the whole set together!

Red Rock

This set can be used by any cloth wearer.

Level Required: 83

Items used:

Oh So Charming

Woohoo! As promised when I talked about in my (unashamedly) gloat post about my newest mounts (I’m still so happy about them!) this is what I’m currently wearing.

The basis of these particular transmogs was the Charmed Cierge – my absolute most favorite staff in game. Such a favorite staff that it inspired roughly 5 – 7 outfits. These two are my favorite transmogs for this staff, however.

Charmed Cierge 1C

Charmed Cierge 1B

Charmed Cierge 1

This is a universal cloth set that can be used by mages, warlocks, and priests. This is the specific variation that I’m wearing in those photos.

Level Required: 90

Items used:

The swap I like to go between features a warlock only set (below) – though I must admit that I do prefer the above set.

Charmed Cierge 2

Charmed Cierge 2B

Level Required: 90

Items used:

I’ll post a picture with the staff equipped on the back – it’s such a beautiful staff – so everyone can see the pretty details on the skulls and the webbing. I did just want to get this set up for people to see. (Though I also wanted to keep it for myself, I admit!)


Chains and Shields

This is a great set that I have a lot of trouble coming up with a catchy name and description for! It’s pink, it’s brown, it’s got chains, it’s black, and it’s chrome…

And that’s that!

This set can be used by all plate wearers, but – BUT! The belt is one you receive from the Timeless Isle. In order to get this particular model, you must have your loot set to be ret paladin, arms or fury warrior, and a frost or unholy death knight (you can switch it right back after looting the belt).

The weapon, however – the sword is Alliance only AND warrior only. That said, there are plenty of similar models that would work very well.



Level Required: 90

Items used:

Jeweled Tones

While this set isn’t very “warlocky”, it’s still quite pretty (IMO). It’s a very spring and summer-type piece with bright colors and a pastel color scheme. It was a damn difficult set to finally pull together, and took a lot of searching for ideas, but I’m very happy with the result! I really, really wanted a transmog for this robe, but it wasn’t working out so well for me beyond the shoulders. After doing some exploring – and tweaking – here we are!


This set can be flaunted and enjoyed by all cloth wearers!

Level Required: 85

Items used:

Bright, Bold, and Beautiful

Bright sets are some of the most eye catching – so it’s important to make them coordinate and look good together! This set is particularly bright and eye-catching and pretty fun!



This set can be used by warriors, paladins, and death knights.

Level Required: 90

Items used:

Eternally Timeless

The following set is a beautiful set for warriors, especially those of us that may like a more feminine feel to our outfits. (At least in my opinion!) As a day to day set, this one is one of my most favorite ones, and there are several ways to get it. One of the easiest ways, in my opinion, is through the Timeless Isle.

You can get this set by speccing as a Protection Warrior, a Protection Paladin, or a Blood Death Knight. There are also ways to get this set through raiding – please see this link for other options.



This set can be used by all plate classes.

Level Required: 90

Items used in this image:

Pink and Gold and Rogue all Over

While setting up my wardrobe sections, I noticed an astonishing lack of rogue outfits! (Which is weird, because I have a ton…)

So here we go!



This set is useable by all leather wearers!

Level Required: 70

Items used:

Dark and Gorgeous

This particular warrior set I am a huge fan of. There’s something so nice about the colors mixing and a dark-colored rainbow effect. This is a set useable by paladins, warriors, and death knights.


Level Required: 90

Items used: