Refreshing Some Old Warlock Tiers

As the title says – with new patches comes new gear, and I wanted to throw all the new Warlock tier weapon updates in a single post, as I’m quite sure I’m spamming enough. ūüėČ

First off, the reason why I wanted to do this at all. This is the Warlock Voidheart Set, and my first post featuring it was here. Here is the same set, obviously, with a new staff from Hellfire Citaldel: The Voidcore Greatstaff¬†(Drops in Hellfire Citadel, from Xhul’horac).WoWScrnShot_071315_020030 (2) WoWScrnShot_071315_020034 (2)

Next up: A tweak on one of my very first posts.¬†It’s not a tier set, but it is a warlock only set, and I wanted to add a (unfortunately,¬†Horde Only) staff to it: the¬†Primal Combatant’s Energy Staff (Purchased from Shadow Hunter Gar’ant and Stone Guard Brokefist in Warspear for 3,500 Honor Points [Horde Only])

WoWScrnShot_060415_211050 (2) WoWScrnShot_060415_211102 (2)

This next set¬†switched from an amazing sword to an equally amazing staff – and I’m honestly not sure which I prefer. This set is the Warlock Corruptor Set, and the new staff is the Brutal Gladiator’s Battle Staff¬†(Purchased from Trapjaw Rix in Dalaran for 350 Honor Points)

WoWScrnShot_070215_143344 (2) WoWScrnShot_070215_143347 (2)


Magein’ (A New Word?) It Up

This was another request, but at the hands of my husband. He wanted a relatively easy-to-get mage transmog for his arcane mage.

WoWScrnShot_061415_171133 (2) WoWScrnShot_061415_171136 (2) WoWScrnShot_061415_171157 (2)

He plays a Blood Elf male, and unlike the last post [where I forgot to snap a picture of the troll], I do have a picture of this transmog on a male BE toon!WoWScrnShot_061415_171220 (2) WoWScrnShot_061415_171226 (2)

This transmog set is Mage only.

Level Required: 100

Items used:

  • Dreadful Gladiator’s Silk Amice¬†(Purchased from Hayden Christophen in Valley of the Four Winds for 1,750 Honor Points [Mage Only] [Alliance Only]) (Purchased from Lok’nor Bloodfist in Kun-Lai Summit for 1,1750 Honor Points [Mage Only]¬†[Horde Only])
  • Cape of Three Lanterns¬†(Drops in Mogu’shan Vaults, from Cobalt Guardian, Jade Guardian, Amethyst Guadian, and Jasper Guardian)
  • Dreadful Gladiator’s Silk Robe¬†(Purchased from Hayden Christophen in Valley of the Four Winds for 2,250 Honor Points [Mage Only] [Alliance Only]) (Purchased from Lok’nor Bloodfist in Kun-Lai Summit for 2,250 Honor Points [Mage Only] [Horde Only])
  • Frost-Touched Gloves¬†(Drops in Warlords of Draenor Dungeons, from Bosses)
  • Windswept Cord¬†(BOE Drop)
  • Replica General’s Silk Boots¬†(Purchased from Tini Smalls in Netherstorm for 19g 83s 72c [Horde Only]) (For Alliance, any gray boot will work well)
  • Vicious Gladiator’s Staff¬†(Purchased from Herwin Steampop in Dalaran for 1,700 Honor Points)

Even Piracy Can be Pretty


This is a burgundy and brown leather set that I adore – it’s much “fancier” than the others, and is super pretty.

WoWScrnShot_061015_142511 (2) WoWScrnShot_061015_142529 (2) WoWScrnShot_061015_142534 (2)

Level Required: 100

Items used:

For The….Corsairs!

This is an orange pirate-based set that was actually a bit tricky to pull together, but I really like it now! I wanted to make a set based off of the Corsair’s Overshirt – one of the few “pirate” type shirts in game that’s actually a transmoggable chest, and not just a shirt.

WoWScrnShot_052615_121646 (2) WoWScrnShot_052615_121652 (2)

Level Required: 100

Items used:


This is a red-based pirate set for all cloth wearers, though the belt¬†may need to be switched out for Alliance characters – it’s¬†Horde Only.

WoWScrnShot_052615_115821 (2)

WoWScrnShot_052615_112630 (2) WoWScrnShot_052615_112621 (2) WoWScrnShot_052615_112625 (2)

Level Required: 90

Items used:

Working the Night Shift on Deck

This pirate outfit reminds me of someone angelic…but that seems a bit ironic, really.

WoWScrnShot_052615_115523 (2) WoWScrnShot_052615_115529 (2)

Level Required: 100

Items used:

The Pirate That Almost Wasn’t

This pirate set is very special to me, because of the staff. This staff is a bit trickier than usual to get, and took me begging GMs (plural) for it – the quest is at the start of the Jade Forest chain, but this staff is only available to monks/druids as a reward – it doesn’t even come up as an option for casters. It’s Horde Only¬†– and changes if you faction change to Alliance after getting it.¬†Also, this staff is¬†the only version of this model that is actually a staff – the others are all polearms.

WoWScrnShot_052615_112647 (2) WoWScrnShot_052615_112653 (2) WoWScrnShot_052615_112703 (2)

Level Required: 90

Items used:

Hey, Ja-Ja-Jaded

A pretty transmog I made with mistweaver monks in mind. (This transmog is for monks only.)

WoWScrnShot_061415_122816 (2) WoWScrnShot_061415_122821 (2)

Level Required: 100

Items used:

Waging War on the Citadel

Hellfire Citadel brought with it some amazing gear – gear that I fully plan on acquiring and possibly running around with for the entirety of my WOW career! This exact¬†set is warlock only, though. ūüė¶ [I have more Hellfire Citadel mixes that aren’t, though, listed below – very close matches!)

WoWScrnShot_070215_143545 (2) WoWScrnShot_070215_143553 (2) WoWScrnShot_071215_234928 (2)

It screams Warlock. Every bit of it. My MogIt label for this one? “Badass”.

Level Required: 100

Items used:


Esmeralda! (Again, with a recommendation towards the¬†invisible¬†Gas-Powered Staff!) There are two versions here – one with a helm, and one without. I have always loved The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and have also always been kind of pissed that Esmeralda was cut from being a “Disney princess” because she was a gypsy.

WoWScrnShot_061015_180225 (2)

Level Required: 85

Items used:

And, without the helm:

WoWScrnShot_061015_180650 (2)

WoWScrnShot_061015_180715 (2)

Icy Poke

A set very similar to the Icy Touch set, this one has some modifications that make it very friendly for all plate wearers – though these particular gloves are Horde Only.

WoWScrnShot_071315_141244 (2) WoWScrnShot_071315_141249 (2)

Level Required: 85

Items used:

Big Pumpin’

Here’s a purple and aqua set lifted straight from the raids in Warlords! Any cloth wearer can use this set, with a switch on the gloves.

WoWScrnShot_032415_233125 (2)

Level Required: 100

Items used:

And if you’re interested in a staff to match –

WoWScrnShot_060315_155606 (2)

The staff is the Prideful Gladiator’s Battle Staff, purchased from Starlight Sinclair in Valley of the Four Winds for 3,500 Honor Points [Alliance Only]; or Prideful Gladiator’s Battle Staff, purchased from Shonn Su in Kun-Lai Summit for 3,500 Honor Points [Horde Only].

Oh So Primal

I wish I’d posted this set prior to the PVP season ending – kind of like how I wish I’d pursued it more. Nevertheless, for those that¬†do have access to this gear, here’s a mix and match set that works well. (Because of the PVP gear, warlock only!)

WoWScrnShot_032415_233158 (2)

WoWScrnShot_031715_203948 (2)

Level Required: 100

Items used:

Dark Hexes

A pretty black robe set featuring parts from a wide variety of places and expansions, and a favorite of mine. The pictured set is useable by warlocks only, due to the shoulders – though the Hexweave Mantle shoulders work as well, though they are (obviously) a different model.

WoWScrnShot_031715_203839 (2) WoWScrnShot_031715_203853 (2)

Level Required: 100

Items used:

Demonic Sainthood

A twist on the previous Guardian Saint sets – one that looks infinitely more warlock-ish, but is still available to all cloth classes.

WoWScrnShot_031715_203805 (2) WoWScrnShot_031715_203824 (2)

Level Required: 90

Items used:

And a glimpse of this set for those who dislike the helm –

WoWScrnShot_060315_155433 (2) WoWScrnShot_060315_155439 (2)