Reputation Requirement

A Tale As Old As Time

Here’s a Disney princess transmog, this one featuring Belle, from Beauty and the Beast!

WoWScrnShot_061215_095144 (2)

WoWScrnShot_061215_095135 (2)

Level Required: 85

Items used:

And because it’s not true Belle unless she has a book…

WoWScrnShot_071015_202008 (2)

This offhand is the Fire Runed Grimoire (Drops in Molten Core, from Baron Geddon, Golemagg the Incinerator, Magmadar, and Garr)

Not-Quite-Dragonstrike Set

Here’s a hunter set built around parts of the Dragonstrike set – the base of this set was one I saw elsewhere (I forget where), but I wasn’t a fan of it totally, so gave it a fair few tweaks!

WoWScrnShot_071315_135400 (2)

WoWScrnShot_071315_135332 (2)

Level Required: 100

Items used:

Have You Heard There’s a Rumor in St. Petersburg?

I love Anastasia. Unfortunately, it’s a movie that fell off the radar a lot time ago. Being (part) Russian, and loving the storyline of the movie, I really wanted to create a transmog based off Anastasia. Unfortunately, her ball gown looks a lot like Belle’s from Beauty and the Beast. Still, she has some amazing outfits and I plan to transmog all of them. To start, though…


Nevertheless, I gave it my best shot! (Unfortunately, there are no nude gloves in WOW. 😦 )

WoWScrnShot_071315_000553 (2) WoWScrnShot_071315_000548 (2)

Level Required: 100

Items used:

As Anastasia is a Grand Duchess, here is a bolder, larger crown:

WoWScrnShot_071315_000049 (2)

WoWScrnShot_071315_000037 (2)

The crown pictured here is the Mountainsage Hood, which is unfortunately Mage Only (Obtained in Garrisons, through Big Crate of Salvage).

Purple Poncho, Purple Poncho

So creative! All leather wearers can wear this set.

WoWScrnShot_061415_123014 (2) WoWScrnShot_061415_123030 (2) WoWScrnShot_061415_123036 (2)

Level Required: 100

Items used:


This is a warlock-only set created based around the amazing Twin’s Pact staff. I noticed it matched nicely with some of the PVP shoulders, so I decided to run with it! (This staff is Horde Only, unfortunately – and it *does* change to something else if you transfer to Alliance. Which, by the way, sucks!)

WoWScrnShot_060315_155552 (2) WoWScrnShot_060315_155603 (2)

I do want to try and create another couple of sets based around this staff – similar to my love of the Charmed Cierge! 😉

Level Required: 100

Items used:

Red – Warlords Style

My ability to come up with titles is clearly fading. This is a warlock-only, Horde only, set (sorry!)

WoWScrnShot_031715_203539 (2) WoWScrnShot_031715_203557 (2)

Level Required: 100

Items used:

Kung-Fu Fighting

This transmog was made at the request of a guildie – a panda warrior transmog using the Shado-Pan helm. (This set can be used by all plate classes, however!)

WoWScrnShot_031415_221100 (2) WoWScrnShot_031515_141832 (3) WoWScrnShot_031515_141837 (2)

Level Required: 100

Due to the PVP pieces, this set is Horde Only. Items used:

50 Shades of Pink


This WAS a request – a pink transmog for Valentine’s Day. And…it is pink. And very “50 Shades” if you ask me. If your plate wearer ever gets in a legitimate battle… they will die. And I would love to see this on a male character. A male death knight character. Preferably a pandaren.

SlutPink2 SlutPink

Level Required: 70

Items used:

Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!

Blue Fire

This is a set accessible to all cloth wearers.



I love this theme of cloth and fire, it looks very demonic and twisted.

Level Required: 90

Items used:

Colorations: Yellow! (Mail)

This set can be used by any mail wearer. YellowMail YellowMail2

Level Required: 90

Items used:

Colorations: Orange! (Plate)

This set can be used by all plate wearers.




Level Required: 90

Items used:

Colorations: Red! (Cloth)

This set can be worn by any cloth wearer, but the boots do require tailoring as a profession.



Level Required: 90

Items used:


The Weirdest Texture Clothing…

I think I made the title pretty clear as to my feelings on this particular texture of clothing. It looks weird to me, different than all the other cloth robes and outfits I’ve put together. This looks very….firm.

Nevertheless, it still looks pretty neat when I got the whole set together!

Red Rock

This set can be used by any cloth wearer.

Level Required: 83

Items used:

Bright, Bold, and Beautiful

Bright sets are some of the most eye catching – so it’s important to make them coordinate and look good together! This set is particularly bright and eye-catching and pretty fun!



This set can be used by warriors, paladins, and death knights.

Level Required: 90

Items used:

Eternally Timeless

The following set is a beautiful set for warriors, especially those of us that may like a more feminine feel to our outfits. (At least in my opinion!) As a day to day set, this one is one of my most favorite ones, and there are several ways to get it. One of the easiest ways, in my opinion, is through the Timeless Isle.

You can get this set by speccing as a Protection Warrior, a Protection Paladin, or a Blood Death Knight. There are also ways to get this set through raiding – please see this link for other options.



This set can be used by all plate classes.

Level Required: 90

Items used in this image: