Bucket List

For some reason I was compelled to title this Darkly Dreaming Dexter Alex …but I resisted.

Jane’s Alt Addiction:

  • Level Lana up to 100
  • Give Monking (yes, that’s a thing) a shot.
  • Get the pirate set on Lana (including that staff)

Terrific Transmogs:

  • Finish up the remainder of Alex’s transmogs
  • Post all 60(ish?) of Alex’s transmogs on here
  • Figure out ~20 transmogs for Lana
  • Build up all the transmog types (plate, mail, and leather) up to 50+ on here – all’s fair in love and war. 😉
  • Put all weapons – and where to get them – on here…

Mount Farming

  • Heroic Sethekk for Raven mount
  • Heroic Dragon Soul mounts
  • Karazhan
  • Malygos (Azure drake)
  • Heroic Firelands (Alysrazor’s mount)
  • Heroic ICC (Invincible)
  • + Rare mounts
  • + All Argent Tournament mounts
  • + Tol Barad mounts


  • Complete the Loremaster achievement on Alex
  • Get full 22 slot bags on all my toons

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