human male

Oh, hello….hair?

I don’t have a lot of time to post the transmogs I’ve been working on this week – mostly because of work hours and appointments. (I’ve also been missing raids this week! /sadface. /kinda.) [Just kidding – I really do love the people I raid with.]

All I’ve really been able to take time to do is just read and post on various MMO-C forums for WoW.  And of course, I’ve seen the new human male models. Those human males.

Have you seen them?

Their newest features – from what I can see – include a lot of hair. A lot. Chest hair, arm hair, leg hair….and what is that ? Did they really give the human males at least part of a happy trail? Really?

I’m pretty sure the vast majority of men I’ve dated (you know – real human men) have had less hair than that. But really, Blizz? Was a just-the-tip (hah)-of-the-pubic-hair-line really necessary? Was it?

Oh, man.

Just…… man.

(I also noticed that the human female and night elf female models tend to sport a thong – but at least that can be explained away by some of the skimpier armor pieces.)

But, anyway – for those who do play the human males – happy trails to you!