In Which I Talk About an Invisible Staff

Wait, what?

One of my new favorite items is the Gas-Powered Stick. It is worth every bit of the 1,000 gold cost and was an early find for me in Warlords of Draenor – at least in regards to transmogging.

It is a transmoggable staff [even though it’s white quality], and it is invisible when sheathedSo, for a caster (which, with Alex as a warlock and Lana as a shadow priest, I run ’round with all the time) – you can hide your weapon entirely.

I’ll repeat it one more time, because it’s just so awesome to say:

You can hide your weapon [staff] entirely.

Once you transmog your current staff to the Gas-Powered Stick, your staff keeps the feature of being invisible when sheathed. And since casters never melee with their staves – you don’t see those staves anymore. Ta-da!

So now you can prance around in those amazing outfits that a staff might otherwise ruin – or you can prance around in your outfits where you just haven’t been able to get that elusive staff drop that matches the outfit.

There are other staves that match the model of the Gas-Powered Stick, but those do not become invisible when sheathed – so don’t waste your time and/or gold if you want an invisible staff without the 1k gold price. The Gas-Powered Stick is currently the only staff in game that is invisible when sheathed and is transmoggable to other staves.

You pick this staff up at Guh, in Frostfire Ridge – the coords for him are 37.4, 60.2 . He’s friendly for both Horde and Alliance. You talk to him, and he’s a bit pissy you knocked off all his friends. But if you bribe him to visit your Garrison, he’ll show up periodically and that’s when you can buy the staff from him.

Cheers, and happy transmogging!

Tentative Transmog Changes in Warlords

WoW Insider is now reporting some transmogging differences that have come up on the Alpha servers for Warlords of Draenor. None of these changes have been officially released, so take them with a grain of salt, but as of now –

Axes, Swords, and Maces can be transmogged to and from Polearms. Staves can also now be transmogged to Polearms and back. Just to simplify the options –


Axes <=> Polearms

Swords <=> Polearms

Staves <=> Polearms

Maces <=> Polearms


Right now it seems like the biggest beneficiaries to this are going to be warriors and druids – but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out to see about other possibilities opening up as well.